Dave Grohl Drinking With Liam Gallagher Backstage


Dave Grohl joins Liam Gallagher backstage

The 1990’s Alternative Gods are smiling today as Liam Gallagher and Dave Grohl joined up backstage to celebrate thirty thirsty years of Oasis’ hit 1994 debut album, ‘Definitely Maybe’.

As seen in the post below, it looks like Liam is having a grand time as he and Dave Grohl make faces at the person taking their photo in front of them. Dave is seen holding what appears to be a pint of Guiness, which, I am guessing from the dark hue and the milky foam on top.

Liam, on the other hand, is brandishing one of his iconic weird hats while he makes a kissing face – signifying one of his looks that he regarded highly back in the hey-day of the hit Britpop group.

Liam Gallagher launching another anniversary tour

In other news, Liam Gallagher has touched on the possibility of a special tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Oasis‘ second album ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory’.

Of course, this all is very similar to how things shook up for the ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour to even happen as there was a ton of back and forth before it even came into the fruition that it has been now.

On June 9th, via NME, Liam Gallagher was asked by a fan on X/Twitter whether he had considered putting on a similar run of dates in celebration of the band’s second album, ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory’. (1995) turning 30 next year.

The fan took it straight to the Rasta God himself and asked: “Do you think you’ll do WTSMG tour next year Liam?” to which Liam replied: “F*ck all else to do.”

Liam was not done yet as he stated a storm of tweets based off of the interaction as he said in a later update that “NOSTALGIA rules”, adding: “You can stick pushing it forward up your bum you can stick pushing it forward up your bum LG x.”

So, does this answer any questions?