Tom DeLonge Announces Blink-182 Touring Break


Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge is back in the studio and the band has been going on tour. DeLonge recently joined in for an interview with AJ Hartley where he spoke about his experience of going on tour with the band.

Tom DeLonge comments on touring with Blink-182

During the conversation, he said that it was his best experience. DeLonge stated:

“And I’m still on the road. We’re still. It’s insane. It’s like the never-ending tour.” DeLonge did say the band will take a break, and not hit the road again until summer 2025 after this run of shows.

When asked how has it been, he said:

“It’s good. It’s exhausting. And we’re traveling like the best a band can travel. Like we got a private jet, you know, and like, I’ll take helicopters sometimes. We got like stays in the nicest hotels and stuff. And so it’s like.

He then went on to share his experience of touring with the band when they were young. He revealed that they struggled to find accommodation while being on tour. So they had to “beg” people to let them stay in their house. He also recalled one fan arrange accommodation at her place. He revealed:

“I remember when we were younger and you’re in a van and we would literally be begging people to stay at their house because we couldn’t afford a hotel room. I mean, I remember specifically.

He recalled: “Those days, I remember one girl brought us home to our house and her mom comes down the stairs and us and our friends that were touring with all the other like seven dudes, just dirty just sleeping on our living room floor and her mom’s like, ‘what is going on?’ It’s okay. They just needed a place to stay in this whole mother daughter thing. They live in the condo. So it wasn’t even like a single family. I was just like, I mean, it must have been in a green hair and stuff. I mean, I always remember that thinking like.
What kind of relationship is between the mom and the daughter where the daughter thought that was cool to do? You know, like, um, so now we travel like the best we can possibly travel.”

Tom DeLonge also recently had an encounter with a fan in Encinitas. Meanwhile, Tom posted some photos of a set of guitars and they are seemingly doing tour rehearsals. Travis Barker was also spotted filming something and Mark Hoppus was also there at the studio. Fans have since been speculating that a new album might be on the horizon.

Recently, a new photo posted by DeLonge also showed that he is working on something that currently is titled “Blink Main Rhythm.” This was with other photos of the three laying down tracks in the studio seems to suggest we could be soon getting more new music from the band.

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