Dave Grohl Gets Tattoo In Honor Of Lemmy Kilmister


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl got an ‘Ace of Spades’ tattoo in honor of late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister. Check out the photo below! Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready also wrote a tribute to Lemmy and discussed his influence on the Grunge scene, which you can read below the photo.


Mike McCready’s tribute:

In the early 80’s a fellow named Chris P had a lot of parties and my band Shadow (Rob Webber, Danny Newcomb, Chris Friel and myself) went to many of them. Also often there were Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mark Arm and a lot of other Seattle musicians. We (Shadow) were friends with and played shows with Overlord (Glen Logan, Steve Van Liew , Kurt Lofstrom, Kenny Kubsen). There wasn’t a huge scene back then, but we all put on shows with both metal and punk bands around Seattle. The one band the metals heads and punks could agree on was Motörhead. “Ace of Spades” and “No Sleep ‘til Hammersmith” were played constantly at these parties.

Motörhead had great songs that were fast with tons of attitude. It felt dangerous to listen to Lemmy’s bass and tales from the road that we all wanted to be on. Fast Eddie and Philthy Phil Taylor rocked hard with Lemmys Marshall bass amps with the volume pinned to 10. Rick Friel, Chris Friel , Danny Newcomb and I were a few of the lucky fans that got to see Motörhead actually smash a Dodge Dart in the parking lot of Tower Records. This was a promotion for the show later that night at the Paramount on the Iron Fist Tour. Was such a cool experience! I will never forget seeing Lemmy beating the shit out of that old car with a sledgehammer. I wish I still had my autographed broken sledgehammer handle that I picked up from the mess. That night we all went to the Paramount with about 400 people total in the audience! Lemmy said, “Next time bring some of your friends!”

They then launched into the loudest show I’ve over seen! Thank you, Lemmy, for being a huge influence on this young guitar player all those years ago!!

Don’t forget the joker!

– Mike McCready