Dave Grohl Goes To Restaurant Alone In Photo


Following last night’s Foo Fighters show at the Verdun Auditorium in Montreal, lead singer Dave Grohl was photographed outside Double’s in Mile End.

Foo Fighters announced surprise appearance at Montreal’s Verdun auditorium last week and the Foo Fighters’ passing in town was highly anticipated. On Monday, not only did the band impress their 3500-something fans with tributes to Montreal, they certainly made the Montreal natives proud.

Following the show, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl swung by Doubles in the Mile End.

“The Drummer of them crooked vultures came by,” expressed the restaurant on Instagram following Grohl’s visit.

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Meanwhile, Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett has announced a new solo album titled Lost At Sea, which will arrive this autumn.

Lost At Sea will land on 20 October this year and it has been described as “alt-country.” According to a press release, most of the new record was recorded in Nashville alongside producer Jaren Johnston, frontman of The Cadillac Three and prolific country hit songwriter.

“We wrote a lot of these songs during the lockdown,” says Shiflett. “Then I began making trips to Nashville to work with Jaren. He and I have a lot of overlap, in terms of the music we like.

“We made a guitar-centric record that encapsulates everything I’ve been listening to over the years, from the most country songs I’ve ever recorded to punk rock and even songs that sound like a California version of The Clash.”

‘The Californian Clash’ tune in question is out now – released to coincide with the announcement of the new record, Shiflett has dropped brand new single, Damage Control.

“All the other tunes were written in the months leading up to recording, but when Jaren and I were sorting out which songs to do he mentioned something about The Clash and I remembered this old one I’d demoed about 15 years prior,” recalls Shiflett.

“I love that the musical inspiration on this one was late-stage Clash, but we wound up layering it with banjos and what-not. Definitely takes it somewhere else. Ska-mericana?” Shiflett jokes. “There’s nothing better than when influences converge taking you places you never expected.”