Dave Grohl Reacts To Haters Calling Foo Fighters Stale And Tired


Dave Grohl discussed critics criticizing Foo Fighters for sticking to the same sound in a new British Airways’ High Life magazine interview.

“I’ve never felt the need to chase something else,” he says of their classic red-blooded rock sound.

“And we get cursed for it: ‘Oh God, it’s another Foo Fighters record.’ Well, yeah! I don’t wanna make a reggae record.”

Asked about how the band has continued to survive, Grohl is clear. “We are like brothers,” he says of the Foos today. “It sounds trite but it’s true. Imagine being on a family trip for 20 years. That’s what it’s like being in the Foo Fighters.” Grohl is unquestionably the band leader and his rules apply – shared dressing rooms and transport, no inadvertent egos. What’s the key to keeping happy campers?

“Well,” he says. “You just have to steer the ship. As time passes it goes from being a dingy to a yacht.” Ever the cheeseball, he concludes that the music is what keeps Foos alive, man.

“There’s a quote, ‘The fish always starts thinking from the head.’ Well, if you’re the face on the cover of British Airways’ High Life magazine, you’d better be writing good songs for everybody.”