Scott Weiland Fans Unload On Axl Rose Singing Velvet Revolver: ‘Scott’s Spinning In His Grave’


Scott Weiland fans heavily criticized Axl Rose’s vocals on Guns N’ Roses’ debut of their cover of Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” in Berlin. Despite the criticism, many fans appreciated Axl’s gesture of singing the song, and think he can definitely improve future performances by singing in his “It’s So Easy” vocal style. Personally, we here at Alternative Nation think it’s cool that Axl decided to sing a Velvet Revolver song, and hope to hear more in the future.

Below is some feedback throughout the internet from fans.

Tim commented on Alternative Nation, “Damn. Axle tore that song up. Sounded horrible.”

Stephanie responded on Alternative Nation, “Agreed! Take him out and it was awesome lol.”

Reggie commented on Alternative Nation, “Let duff sing it. Axle range is no where near what scott could pull off.”

Blue posted on Below Empty, “I clicked the link thinking ‘How bad could it be?’

The answer is very, very bad.”

thecrowtv posted on Below Empty, “Yeah i love GNR but Myles Kennedy does a better job than Axl. I would love to hear Jeff tackle this one.”

Aaron posted on Below Empty, “That was really bizarre. Makes you really appreciate Scott’s talent considering Axl is just as accomplished of a singer (of course moreso in his prime) and he really does a poor job here.”

Caedo posted on MyGNRForum, “While it was executed poorly by Axl, I actually like the arrangement they have going on the chorus in Slither. If he can get some rasp going there I reckon it’ll sound great. On the verses he needs to stop stuffing around and just sing them like they’re meant to be sung though.”

fernomenoyde posted on MyGNRForum, “I’m always going to support this kind of things. Loved Slither, not the best version but i think Axl is going to make this song sound better for next show and so on. Just let the man be who he is!”

LA_0013 posted on MyGNRForum, “BTW – the version of Slither was pretty bizarre.

But Kudos to Axl for singing it. First, he didn’t have to. And second, he knew he was potentially setting himself up for a fall from the internet listeners, but chose to do it anyway.”

Ralphelmo posted on MyGNRForum, “He should keep singing with low register (It’s So Easy way), what he did was literally butchering the song.

Scott > Myles > Corey > Axl

I’m afraid.”

TheSeeker posted on MyGNRForum, “I almost want Slash and Duff to borrow STP’s new singer and do new Velvet Revolver stuff

GNR is lame now.”

MOVIEidol commented on YouTube:

“Been waiting for this. Wish he would have sang it lower but still amazing to see!!!”

Shobith Narayanan commented on YouTube, “Vocal disaster, but glad Axl finally sang it.”

jayofdajungle commented on YouTube, “A lot of people are missing the point. This is an awesome gesture to his bandmates and Scott, who he hated. The old Axl would never do this song, he’s shown a lot of growth as a person. As far as Axl’s vocal performance, it wasn’t flawless, but 1. He’s never sang it before live 2. The “It’s So Easy” voice WOULDN’T WORK unless they did it in another key. I thought it sounded fine. If this is going to be a staple of this tour, he’ll be nailing it after a few shows.”

Skywalker Hernon commented on YouTube, “I always believed ‘Slither’ was an Axl Rose type of song that he would kill it vocally. Apparently it didn’t sound so great. Axl sounded like he forgot or didn’t know the lyrics to the song. Hopefully with more practice and more rehearsals, he can master this song like everyone knows he can.”

Mr. Robert commented on YouTube, “Scott was fantastic, one of the best lead singers in history..this video is a proof.”

ForgottenSpace commented on YouTube, “Scott Weiland is spinning in his grave right now.”

TheZombie commented, “I have to give Axl credit for finally trying it live. It was on the early alternate setlist. I’m pretty sure he knew that we knew he wasn’t going to sound great. He just doesn’t have Scott’s voice. Half the people are going to love it and half are going to bitch about it. He’s not a big fan of criticism.

I think he could pull it off in the studio if he just treated it like a Guns N’ Roses song. Not that it will ever happen.
I’m happy to finally hear him give it a shot. It would have been cool to be there live.”

L Duke99 commented on YouTube, “You know whether you think it was good or bad, this shows a hell of a lot of character from Axl. He hated Scott Weiland and it’s good to see him put all that behind him.”