Dave Grohl Joins Dave Matthews Band In Photos


Dave Grohl joined Dave Matthews Band backstage at a show in Phoenix, Arizona after his own solo performance for Crown Royal, as seen below.

Foo Fighters frontman and iconic drummer of Nirvana Dave Grohl was on the Bon Appétit Foodcast recently to promote his new Backbeat BBQ company. During the show, Grohl said how most musicians, including himself, are weirdos. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments. 

Grohl: Most musicians are obsessive-compulsive weirdos when it comes down to the instrument that they play, arrangement, composition or whatever it is. Your mind sort of works in that way that you’re sort of trying to one-up the thing that you’ve done or get into that place where you are playing that instrument but you aren’t thinking about it. Like the parallels of making music and making food are fucking insane. Like those two things are so similar.

Host: Like kind of the attention to detail and patience. 

Grohl: Everything from serving, performing, recipe, composition to your sense of accomplishment. You’re not cooking food just to go: “oh that’s cool”, you’re cooking for someone else to eat it and: “fuck that was amazing.” It’s the same thing [with music]. 

During the same show, Grohl shared a story about how he finished a song that he had on the Foo Fighters backburner and was paid big money by his bandmates in return for it. 

Grohl:  There was this one song, it was called Seven Corners that we had never finished. We recorded it for every record for twenty years and never finished it and I’m like: “Hey guys, let’s just do Seven Corners.” Taylor [Hawkins] was like: “there is no way you will finish it” and I’m like: “I’ll fucking finish it”. They promised me each a thousand dollars if I could finish it and I said: “I’ll fucking finish it.”

Host: Abso-fucking-lutely!

Grohl: Whether it’s good or not doesn’t even matter, it’s a free EP, I don’t care!

Grohl continues:

Grohl: So I finish it. We had one more European run after that and the first day we get our per diems for that two-week long trip. That per diem for the whole trip was like, a thousand dollars. The tour manager walks in and goes: “Hey everybody, here is your per diem” and Taylor was like: [snapping sound] “Everybody has to give their per diem to Dave because he finished Seven Corners.”  Our bass player, Nate [Mendel] was like: “well, I actually bought you something”.

Host: Hmm.

Grohl: When I came home there was a fucking Big Green Egg grill there

Host: Wow.

Grohl: So that’s how I started doing barbeque.