Madonna Looks Like Homeless Mess In Photos


What can you say about Madonna or to Madonna that she hasn’t already heard before? That’s extremely hard to say when you see so much going on with the star today. Recently, many were shocked by her new look and it keeps getting even more extreme as she recently just wore shreds of denim as an outfit.

Via People, after going viral for the style that she presented at the Grammy Awards and her dominatrix-style corset, riding crop, phallic accessories and androgynous apparel, Madonna continues to wow us with her many outfits and choices of clothing, going for a beautiful messy homeless look.

She recently took to Instagram to send out a bold message to all of the haters who have been on her.

The carousel started with a full body shot of the singer looking into the camera. She posed wearing tatters of a denim jacket and pants combo. The dystopian-chic garments were with black corset top, black boots, black socks and with layers of necklaces. The photo has no text except for the simple word “most.”

She also bleached her eyebrows and had the phrase “Most definitely not sorry” in the photos that she posted.

It’s been a trip to see where she goes next with all of her looks, but she certainly does know how to stay relevant in the face of the changing landscape of everything pop music related.