Dave Grohl Last Words To Taylor Hawkins Revealed


The Rock and Roll world, including this outlet, is mourning the death of Foo Fighters drummer and bandmate, Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins passed away on March 25th, 2022. Although no cause of death was confirmed, the group would confirm the death of Hawkins on their immediate social medial channels. The group was touring in South America when Hawkins was found unresponsive while in his hotel room at the Casa Medina hotel in Bogotá, Colombia.

Taylor Hawkins’ family recently broke their silence on his death. On the Foo Fighters subreddit, one Redditer named GabyC003 would give a glimpse on, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s comments following the death of the beloved bandmate and how he would address the future of the band. Grohl stated the following: “it’s hard to play after Taylor Hawkins, ‘cause he’s the best in the fucking world, so there’s only one song we can play after Taylor Hawkins” and then they played All My Life

Likewise, on the Foo Fighters subreddit, fans would also mourn the death of Hawkins as another Reddit user named FooFighter0234 stated the following:

“I’m a f***ing wreck. I had the privilege to see our boys play live seven times since 2005 and saw them every time they came to Minnesota starting with In Your Honor all the way to Concrete and Gold. The last time I saw them was in July 2021 during the 26th Anniversary Van Tour (I decided to skip work and drive to Milwaukee for the weekend). Every show I saw was a blessing, whether it was me pressed up against the barrier or sitting far away barely able to see the stage. Taylor was a firecracker and a true master on the drums.”