Dave Grohl Lip Syncs Brutal Foo Fighters Performance


Dave Grohl lip synced along to a Foo Fighters B-side called “Ozone.” Grohl appeared to be embarrassed by the song, constantly laughing as he lip synced. He sarcastically said, “Ozone was maybe a B-side, best lyrics [ever].” At one point he said, “That’s how stupid I sound.” The video was uploaded by Grohl’s longtime engineer/producer Barrett Jones, and is an outtake from the 2014 HBO series ‘Sonic Highways.’ Dave Grohl revealed a crazy Green Day secret yesterday.

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins recently released his solo album ‘Get The Money’ featuring Dave Grohl and other big names, with a hilarious video for “I Really Blew It” featuring Grohl, Perry Farrell, and others. Hawkins told Kerrang magazine about singing live with Foo Fighters, “Like when I get up and do [Foos’ cover of Queen’s] Under Pressure? If you don’t learn at that point, you’re never going to fucking learn! I really enjoy it, I really do. It’s a very relaxing time, and it’s nice to hand the drumsticks over to Dave and go up front and shake my ass.

It’s funny, Foo Fighters were just down in Costa Rica and one of my best friends was down there, because he’s a surfer. He was like, ‘Dude, you’re just getting really comfortable at that, aren’t you?’ I feel like my pitch is getting better and I’m getting better at handling a crowd, you know?””

A Foo Fighters member revealed why it can be a ‘tough job’ a few days ago. Hawkins also worked with Queen’s Roger Taylor on the album, saying, “I’ve known him for years. The original version was by The Yardbirds, obviously, but the song is on the Jeff Beck Group’s Truth record, too. We did more of a Jeff Beck version. [Former Sex Pistols guitarist] Steve Jones and Pat Smear played on that, too. Duetting with Roger was awesome. I’m really proud of this record. My voice sounds more confident than it ever has before.” Dave Grohl’s unreleased Them Crooked Vultures project leaked a few days ago.