Foo Fighters Drop Firing Bombshell: ‘It’s A Tough Job’


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins discussed his predecessor William Goldsmith’s departure, claiming that it is a lie that he was fired, in a new BBC interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Dave Grohl’s canceled Them Crooked Vultures project leaked yesterday.

When discussing his early dream to one day drum in Foo Fighters after loving the debut album, he said, “The drummer quit, or he couldn’t handle the job. It’s a tough job, it ain’t easy living in those shoes.”

He later said, “The second record, they really wanted, he knew it was a make or break record. The drummer just couldn’t handle it, he couldn’t handle the pressure, he wasn’t used to the studio. A studio is a whole different trip. It’s one thing to bash it out live, nobody is sitting there scrutinizing each [hit]. The snare has got to land in the same spot every time so it’s called a groove.

A Foo Fighters member recently discussed his drug overdose at a hotel. Hawkins added, “The time has to be good, or you play with click tracks. We do sometimes in the studio, and sometimes we don’t, but the drummer just chunked it. Dave famously went back and rerecorded his drums tracks, he didn’t fire him. Everyone thinks he fired him, he didn’t fire him, he said, ‘Dude, you just aren’t ready to make a record yet, and this record is make or break. I’ve made records, I know what I’m doing. Learn how to record.’

He couldn’t handle it, so I stepped in, and I called Dave myself and I said, ‘I’m your drummer, sorry.’ He said, ‘But you’re in Alanis, she’s the biggest thing in the world!’ I said, ‘Well, Alanis is a solo act, and you’re a band, and I love your band, and I want to play hard rock.'” Foo Fighters discussed an insult from a big name at a Smashing Pumpkins show last week.