Dave Grohl Loses Voice In Awful Video: ‘He Can’t Sing’


Dave Grohl discussed losing his voice at a Foo Fighters show with Whitney Cummings in a new ‘Good For You’ podcast interview. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments about Grohl’s voice, quitting smoking, and having surgery. Grohl also discussed getting drunk during a disturbing hotel accident.

Whitney Cummings: How’s your leg?

Dave Grohl: It’s good.

Whitney: A lot of people from Des Moines want to know how your laryngitis is.

Dave: Well I used to smoke, and I stopped smoking.

Whitney: Was it hard?

Dave: I had another injury where I fell offstage again. I had to have surgery on my arm, this is right after my birthday, and I thought okay, when I’m done with the surgery thing I’m just going to stop smoking. I’ve had a couple cigarettes since then, but I was losing my voice a lot because I was smoking so much. Screaming for 3 hours a night.

Whitney: Do you have a voice coach?

Dave: No.

Whitney: Because you’re supposed to take care of your vocal chords. If you get those nodes, you’re fucked.

Dave: Yeah. I don’t have them. I go to my guy and he says, ‘You’re lucky.’

Dave Grohl recently revealed the last drug he used. Dave and Whitney continued their discussion about quitting smoking, and Dave losing his voice at a show.

Whitney: Did you do patches?

Dave: No, I just fucked stopped. You can just stop. Like, did you smoke ever?

Whitney: No, I did vape weed a little bit a year ago, and I got bronchitis, and I was like, this isn’t right. And I was on vocal rest, Buffalo, sorry about those shows. I was on vocal rest for 6 months.

Dave: So I shit the bed in Des Moines? Damn!

Whitney: Do you want me to read the questions? People were like, he drummed in Des Moines, and I cried. He wasn’t able to sing, but he was able to drum.

Dave: Oh actually, this is one of the great things about Foo Fighters. Our drummer Taylor has a beautiful voice, is a great singer, has his own band where he drums and sings at the same time. So if my voice is gone, I just turn to him and say, ‘Just sing under everything I’m singing tonight.’ He’ll sing everything, he saves my ass.

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