Dave Grohl Reveals Surprising Last Drug He Used


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed in a new interview with Eric Blair the surprising drug he still smokes from time to time: marijuana! Alternative Nation transcribed some highlights. A Foo Fighters member recently discussed his drug overdose at a hotel.

How have you not become a casualty of sex, drugs, and rock and roll?

You know, I stopped doing drugs when I was 20 years old. I’ve never done cocaine in my life, I’ve never done heroin, I’ve never done speed. I’ve never done any of that shit. I took a bunch of other drugs, the fun ones, until I was about 20 years old, and then I just kind of stopped. I’ll smoke weed every once in awhile, twice a year or something like that, but I’d rather have a drink with old buddies. But I don’t know, I just keep going.

How is the new Foo Fighters record going to differ from Concrete and Gold?

You’ll hear. It’s fucking weird.

What are the lyrical themes?

I don’t want to give away too much. We are right in the middle of it right now.

Dave Grohl recently had a 90’s song leak by his longtime collaborator Barrett Jones. Jones recently did a Foo Fighters Reddit AMA.

A fan asked, “Barrett, what’s your most memorable experience with nirvana?”

Jones responded, “they were all memorable!!! here’s a few notables. My first tour was the short west coast tour with RHCP headlining, Nirvana middle slot and Pearl Jam opening. This was last week of 91 into new years 92. this was the first time I witnessed an entire arena crowd jumping up and down at once, it was electric.

Australia was also really cool just because we had so much fun and got to hang with kangaroos. Then, the Redding fest in 92 was an amazing show, I got goose bumps. Really in retrospect, every minute was a blast, but at the time, when you’re in it, it’s just kinda normal.” Dave Grohl reacted to a bizarre Bruce Springsteen claim last week.