Dave Grohl Makes Awful Foo Fighters Money Revelation


Dave Grohl discussed Foo Fighters’ having continued success as a live act commercially during a recent live conversation with Michael Rapino, but he said that the band don’t sell ‘1/10’ of the records they did in the 1990’s. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“A lot’s changed in music. A lot’s changed in the industry. The one thing that I don’t think has changed and you will I’m sure agree, when you were twenty years old in Canada and loved going to see live music was the excitement of seeing live music. People on stage. That will never go away. We don’t sell a tenth of the records we did twenty years ago. But we fucking sell out stadiums and a lot of places.”

Dave Grohl recently played an impromptu set at Pike Place Market with Brandi Carlile, and Carlile told Rolling Stone that’s not all they did.

“I don’t totally want to give it away, but he came out to my house to talk to me about something he’s working on. It’s more like one of his doc-series,” Carlile says. “We hung out and rode four-wheelers around my house all day, cooked dinner and did shots of tequila — just had a great time.”

The next day, Carlile and Grohl, who also spent a period in Seattle when his former band Nirvana ruled the music world, drove around the city in a trip down memory lane.

“We talked about and went to a few key places that were important in both of our lives, and places he used to hang out with Kurt [Cobain] and the guys,” Carlile says. “We have the same guitar tech that Nirvana used, Ernie Bailey. We talked about some of their scallywag shenanigans. Then we went to some restaurants and bars I used to play and busk at.”