Howard Stern Reacts To A-List Star Disrespecting Chris Cornell


On The Howard Stern Show on Monday, Howard had the Soundgarden classic “Blow Up The Outside World” played. Co-host Robin Quivers didn’t know who played the song, and once told Soundgarden, she then asked who sang the song. It’s Soundgarden, so it’s obviously Chris Cornell! Howard then said that he has ‘the best musical taste in the world’ in response. He also mentioned his wife, model Beth Ostrosky Stern, leaving the room when he plays music from artists like Soundgarden, and how he wants her to stay. recapped: After the break they played Soundgarden’s ”Blow Up the Outside World” as they were coming back. Howard said he’s been playing songs that are on his playlist as they come out of break. He said that there are some songs he doesn’t remember. He said he knows if song is good or not within 30 seconds. He said this is Soundgarden. Robin asked who is singing in this. Howard said his playlist is the best. Robin said she has not heard this song. Howard said he has the best musical taste in the world.

Howard said he has all of these songs and he puts them on shuffle. He said all of the songs he has make him feel sad and fucked up. He said his creative juices flow when he listens to this stuff. He said Beth likes soft rock and she leaves when she hears this stuff. He said he doesn’t want her to leave. Robin said she heard something Brent listens to the other day and wondered how anyone can listen to that. Robin said with this stuff there’s something melodic about it.

Howard asked if Gary can put the playlist out there. He asked if they can put out a Pandora ”Howard’s List” for people. Howard asked Gary who he’s calling. Gary said someone else has the list. Howard asked if it’s Steve. Gary said no. Howard said if Robin heard this list… He said people are clamoring for it. He said it’s the perfect list that he spent years cultivating.

Robin said some friends were talking about Gary and how he knows music. Howard said Gary has bad taste. Gary said there are 687 songs on Howard’s list. Howard asked what they’re going to do with that. Gary said he can print it and give it to him. Howard said make a Howard radio list channel. He said he’d listen to that.