Dave Grohl Makes ‘Emergency’ Hospital Announcement


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently surprised emergency nurse TJ Riley with a video for hospital workers with Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel wrote on YouTube, “During the quarantine, we’re paying tribute to those who are on the frontline of the crisis. Tonight’s #HealthCareHero is emergency and trauma nurse TJ Riley from Jacobi Medical Center in The Bronx, NY who also had COVID-19. To thank him for his hard work and dedication, we surprised him with his favorite singer Dave Grohl who serenaded him with a performance of Everlong, plus $10,000 and gift packages for every nurse in his department thanks to our friends at Life is Good.

If you have a #HealthCareHero who you think we should feature on the show, share their story on social media with the hashtag #HealthCareHero. Be sure to tag @JimmyKimmelLive and look for a message from us. #JimmyKimmelLiveFromHisHouse.”

Poo Poo commented, “All the nurses doctors and essential workers are all heros thank God for those people they have a place in my heart! I appreciate all of your and keep up the great amazing works yous are the real reason this country is still standing! ❤️💜💙♥️ As a father of two I applaud all of yous! Brave amazing and strong 💪 are just some of the words that I feel like do yous some Justice… Just knowing yous are out there and yous have are backs makes things easier to deal with!”

Marius Thefaker said, “If I were his husband I think I’d mess with him for a while. He’d be like “Oh, you won’t believe it! I was on Jimmy Kimmel, and then… and then… Dave Grohl came on… and he sang a song to me… and then Jimmy said he was going to give me $10,000!!!”…. and I’d be like “No babe, you dreamt that. You were so tired from your shift you fell asleep on the couch for 12 hours!”… yeah, I might be evil…”