David Gilmour Unloads After Roger Waters Attacks Wife


While performing at The O2 Arena, Roger Waters made controversial remarks that brought Polly Samson into the spotlight. In response, David Gilmour recently shared a tweet to support his wife.

David Gilmour fires back at Roger Waters

While on stage, the former Pink Floyd vocalist declared his love for everyone, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds, making an exception when it came to Samson. He referenced her prior accusation of him being ‘antisemitic to [his] rotten core,’ adding a note to his statements.

His words went as follows:

“All I have to say about Polly Samson is: imagine waking up to that every morning.”

Shortly after, Gilmour took to Twitter, sharing a photograph of his wife with a caption related to the comments made by his former bandmate:

“So lovely to wake up to, this morning as always!”

Following her husband’s response, the lyricist added further context, informing their fans about the ongoing situation. She shared a video from Waters’ concert and thanked the following tweet:

“Solidarity with Polly Samson and David Gilmour, who have acted with decency and integrity throughout this scandal.”

It has been noted that Polly Samson was one of the first names who reacted to the former Pink Floyd member’s remarks about the Israeli government and the Russia-Ukraine war. She labeled him a ‘megalomaniac’ in addition to an antisemite, leading to criticism from his supporters, with some resorting to antisemitic commentary.

In one example, referring to Jewish people, a user posted:

“They’ve been expelled 1,030 times (that we know of) for the crimes of usury, corruption, theft, ritual murder of children, genital mutilations, etc., since 1,200 B.C.E., but now operate with impunity, globally. Who are ‘they?’”

To this, Samson replied:

“Since calling out Roger Waters’ antisemitism, I receive filth like this every day. It’s vile, but I have no regrets because being a bystander would be so much worse.”

The controversy drew attention of some other names in the industry. David Draiman and Alex Skolnick were among those who took a stance against Waters’ comments. While Skolnick chose to separate the art from the artist in his reaction, Draiman didn’t hold back in his criticism, referring to the singer as an ‘antisemitic piece of sh-t.’