Eddie Vedder Humiliates Fan Using Phone At Show


Eddie Vedder trolled a Pearl Jam fan for filming and taking photos of him with their phone at his concert with The Earthlings on Sunday in San Diego. Josh Homme was spotted at an Eddie Vedder show after some drama.

Teskeinc posted on the Ten Club board, “The picture deleting thing happened during Brother The Cloud. A girl was filming or taking pictures in the front row and Ed gave her the middle finger directly in the camera. 2 songs later he got her phone and asked for her passcode and said he was deleting it.

Pretty cool story about the building back in 1989 when Ed was in Bad Radio, he was scheduled to play for a benefit show or something, handed out flyers, and close to the date, the show was canceled by the Director because Ed’s band was not worthy of playing a high-class establishment like this. You could tell he wanted to come back and rock the building properly. Which he did.

Great opening set from Glen. 6 songs. Highlights were When Your Minds Made Up, Falling Slowly, and Bird of Sorrow (dedicated to the people of Ukraine)

Great night, last stop of the tour. Could tell the band enjoyed playing together. Different vibe than previous Ed solo tours.”

Get_Right said about Eddie’s solo band, “Imagine being at Ohana night one and you are expecting an Ed solo set, mandolin, uke, and the white strat, etc. Wait a minute, drums, bass, and guitar stacks? This band walks out and just blows everyone away with a killer rock show. Just when I start to think Ed was getting a bit soft, he brings this band with great covers and new music.

I was also able to catch NYC 1 and NJPAC. So good. The record is good and the band rocks. Josh, Andrew, and Chad bring SO MUCH ENERGY! Ed is completely inspired by them. Kinda reminds me of when Ed played with Betchadupa and covered the Split Enz songs. Agree with heartofadog, not PJ, not ED, something brand new and really good!”