Green Day Singer Makes Brutal Prince Death Claim


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong discussed Prince’s death and the new Green Day single “Father of All…” on KROQ a few days ago. Billie Joe Armstrong kissed a 90’s male rock icon in a recent photo.

“Well, it was sort of the first song that kind of kicked off the new era for us when we were doing demos. I don’t know, I had the rhythm and the beat to it, me and Tre [Cool, drums] were messing around in the studio, and I was, like, ‘How do I sing like this? What do I do? I want to do something different,’ and he was, like, ‘Oh, try sing like Prince.’ He’s dead, so why not me? [Laughs]”

Howard Stern did a creepy Prince and Michael Jackson segment recently. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer join Zane Lowe in-studio on Apple Music’s Beats 1 to discuss The Hella Mega tour, inspired from the Monsters of Rock tour.

Billie Joe Armstrong recently revealed a bizarre hairstyle photo. Billie Joe discussed the lineup order of the tour, “The Interrupters are playing last. Green Day’s playing last and then Fall Out Boy and Weezer and then the Interrupters are opening up, which are good friends of ours, so that’s awesome. We created a lot of chaos on the BBC one time with you. It was like a nervous breakdown on radio. I got so sick of … there’s that time period before you put a record out, you’re like, ‘I just want to get this fucking thing out.’

The record company, everybody’s, ‘Got to hold it back.’ And now I’m like, ‘Nah, I don’t want to hold anything back.’ I feel like I’m back to the drawing board. Like, ‘What the fuck am I going to do now?’ No, we’re psyched. I think like Tre is killing it on drums and Mike is just killing it on bass. And I feel like it’s just such a product of the three headed monster.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Billie Joe Armstrong’s KROQ comments.

  • Rob Nero

    It’s distasteful, not brutal.

  • Judith Geater

    Did I miss something? What is the brutal death claim?

    • Lisa Dillon

      He made a distasteful statement. That was it. He’s a nobody so it’s irrelevant.

      • Martin Antic

        Ohh you didn’t understand what Billie said. Billie was mocking himself comparing himself with Prince, just it. He admires Prince very very much. Look the words he wrote after the death of Prince. Armstrong said
        “I’ve been thinking a lot about Princes passing this weekend. so many memories going through my head.. so many articles written and tweet and insta stuff.. Purple Rain came out when I was roughly 13 years old. still learning guitar. I liked Prince but I was deep into hard rock music and I thought he was more of a pop star.. me and my friends were always listening for guitar songs and what riffs to learn and play the guitar game of “I can do that! I can do that!”
        when the single for purple rain came out and those opening chords rang out through a chorus pedal, all of us with a collective gasp said “how the hell to you play THAT.”
        we all tried.. we all failed miserably.. and then we got into punk because it was easier. hahaha! through the years Prince kept creating.. writing.. striving for a higher level of musical consciousness. to a place where he was completely untouchable.. he rarely did interviews because he never needed to. his music told the story of his life. one of the most powerful artist we will ever see. and that’s just it. he was an ARTIST. all of the outpouring of love for him is for all the purity that he put into his craft. we all grow up in eras of disposable pop music.. the singers, the dancers, the red carpets, Twitter wars, and blah. its nothing more than.. well.. blah.. I get more entertainment watching a dog catch a frisbee. it’s true! if you are not writing your own material and producing it. YOU ARE NOT AN ARTIST.. you’re barely a musician and a mouthpiece for your team of writers and producers that line the stage after you win your award.. your at best a performer.. The reason why Prince is so special is he’s a true artist and broke rules.. Viva Prince”..Billie Joe Armstrong

  • Pundi Paradox

    There is no brutal death claim. Lead singer of dying rock band ‘Green Day’ mocking the death of legendary musician, Prince. Click bait!

  • Robert Carmickle

    Green Day couldn’t achieve less then half of what Prince had…The degree of talent between the two…I won’t waste my time with an answer…many years from now people will still talk positive about Prince and his music and on the other side it will be like :”Gree Day?” “Who the f**k is Green Day?”.

  • Al Parks

    Green who? Its like cats talking trash about Ali after he was past his boxing prime , or Tyson after he was done ( though mike could probably and would probably shut them up still). You dare not take a shot when they are around to bury you so take it when you know its safe. F bitch boy, green day, they are a pubic hair on the toilet seat of the Greatest. I never liked them and never will. NPG

    • Andrew Grayson

      Lol they like Prince’s music. They didna tribute to him for several days while they were on tour, when Prince passed. There was no direct diss at Prince. Who are your favorite musicians, Al?

  • Andrew Grayson

    Lol @ the claims that no one currently knows, or will know xx years from now, who he or Green Day are. They broke big 25 years ago and like it or not, they still have a huge following. A lot don’t like their music, but not liking them that doesn’t change the fact that they are still pretty relevant in rock music this many years later. Nothing is going to change that, let’s be honest.