Dave Grohl Photographed Having Epic Hair Day At Airport: ‘That Hair!’


A fan shared a photo she took with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl at an airport recently on Instagram. c.l.m.r. posted on Instagram, “That time #davegrohl randomly shopped at the kiosk i work at #nirvana #queensofthestoneage #foofighters.”

discogrohl commented about Grohl’s epic hair in the photo on Instagram.

“That hair!?”

mysecretlvoes commented on Instagram, “I ran into Dave & the band at LAX several years ago as they were enroute to Charlotte on the Wasting Light tour…we had just seen them in LA at the Forum. Oh how I regret not taking a pic. It was so freakin’ early in the morning and I was completely taken by surprise and completely tongue-tied. I was at a loss for words. I wish I could have a do-over. Dave, Pat, they are the best…so down-to-earth. Lucky girl!”

Jeremy Wagner recently posted on Instagram, “12 Hours in LA PART 3 of 3:

To top off my trip, the wonderful RITA HANEY hosted a party and welcomed me into her home (thank you and love you, @dimebagzhag), I partied with friends including DAVE GROHL—one of the coolest motherfuckers you’ll ever meet, and a SICK master at BBQ!!! Of course I gave Dave my new book (RABID HEART) and Broken Hope’s last album.
And I saw @laurleeta @badboycraven @bobtyrrell @paulgargano and many other friends.
Within a few hours, I was on a plane home at midnight like a pumpkin. WHAT A DAY!!!
???? ✈️ ?? ?

#DarkDelicacies #Burbank #LosAngeles #Books #Novels #Horror #RabidHeart #NecroVirus #Cujos #Book #DarkFiction #RitaHaney #DimebagDarrell #DaveGrohl #FooFighters #Nirvana #BBQ #Beer #Drinks #WhatIDidInLosAngeles @dinomore89 @foofighters @davegrohlrp @deedeeisacat @top420atom @darkdelhorror.”

“I’d say it’s the best 12 hours I’ve had to date! And definitely check out @darkdelhorror when you can. It’s such an amazing bookstore!!!”

“I’m down with being on a Probot album. I told him, ‘play this newest Broken Hope album and you’ll hear the heaviest fucking music ever in your life.’ Hahaha! Grohl liked that I used Hanneman’s guitars to write & record the album with, too.”