Dave Grohl Plays Nirvana “Heart Shaped Box” With…


Dave Grohl performed Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” with his daughter Violet last night, as seen below.

Foo Fighters paid tribute to Taylor Hawkins last year at a show that featured Wolfgang Van Halen as a guest. In a rare and heartfelt interview, Wolf Van Halen, the talented son of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, opened up about the state of Van Halen and his uncle, Alex Van Halen. Wolf, who has been making waves in the music world with his own musical pursuits, shed light on his uncle’s desire to stay out of the public eye and his personal feelings about playing Van Halen songs on drums.

When asked about Alex’s inclination to play Van Halen’s iconic tunes on the drums, Wolf replied, “I’m sure he does [play]. But in the same respect of my feelings of not wanting to play with the material because I only wanted to play with my dad, I know he feels the same way. So, I really don’t know. He’s a very private guy. We still talk all the time, but in terms of playing anything, I don’t know if he really has that desire as long as my dad’s not here.”

As reported by Rockstar Celebrities – Besides revealing that Alex may not grace the stage with his drumming skills again, Wolf delved into the possibility of a Van Halen reunion. In an interview with Linea Rock, he addressed the question of whether Alex had any plans to reunite with Van Halen and pay homage to his late brother Eddie Van Halen, similar to what the Foo Fighters did for Taylor Hawkins. Wolf dismissed the idea, stating, “No. [A reunion won’t take place]… I think with Foo Fighters, they have a lot less drama in their camp, and unfortunately, with Van Halen, there are many pieces that don’t operate as they should; unfortunately, but that’s neither here nor there; that’s just how reality is sometimes.”

Although a reunion seems unlikely at this point, Wolf shared an intriguing insight into the fate of his father’s unreleased music. He expressed, “As far as that [unreleased music], Al is certainly the decision maker in that process. I’m just kind of there to help him decide and help what he wants to go through – as sort of being the person in place of my father, in his absence. But when it comes to that, I know my dad was vocal about that in the past; he released everything he wanted to release.”

While the prospect of a Van Halen reunion may not be on the horizon, fans can find solace in the knowledge that Wolf Van Halen continues to honor his father’s legacy through his own musical endeavors. As the Van Halen saga unfolds, it remains evident that the bond between family members and the enigma of unreleased music will forever linger in the hearts of devoted fans worldwide. Perhaps, in due time, AI might unlock the vault of Eddie Van Halen’s unreleased brilliance, offering a glimpse into the genius that has shaped rock music for generations to come.