Scott Stapp Reveals Best Singer Ever, Is It Vedder?


Creed’s Scott Stapp recently appeared on BBC’s ‘The Rock Show With Johnnie Walker’ and picked U2’s Bono as his ‘Rock God’ when he was questioned about it.

He mentioned the effect of the band’s music on him during his teenage years and named his favorite U2 album by saying it helped him ‘through a very difficult period’ and explaining:

“In my opinion, ‘The Joshua Tree’ is by far one of the greatest albums ever written, musically and lyrically. Not only is the music inspiring and uplifting, but it’s diverse and takes you through a gamut of emotions.”

‘The Joshua Tree,’ was released in March 1987 and it became a commercial success for U2 by selling over 25 million copies worldwide. The album’s singles achieved critical acclaim and many chart successes in different countries.

‘With Or Without You’ ranked 131 on Rolling Stone’s ‘The 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time’ while ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ reached number 13 in the US and became number 4 in the UK.

These tracks also found their way into Scott Stapp’s list of 10 life-changing records in 2019. Talking about the overall album, the singer told Classic Rock:

“Songs were more important to me than albums, but The Joshua Tree was different. When I heard that album front to back, I didn’t take it out of the cassette player in my car for probably two years.”

He said it felt like the songs in the album were written for him and went on:

“The epic nature and the grandeur and the anthemic quality of these two songs definitely influenced me as I started to I create songs. I’ve never gotten there, but it definitely planted that seed in me in terms of what to aspire to, and how I approached lyric writing, and how important I felt lyrics were to a song.”