Justin Bieber Parties With Will Smith Son In Photos


Justin Bieber has rang in another year with many close friends as her and all those involved have celebrated his 29th birthday. Justin’s birthday was almost a ‘Nerverland’ theme as it was chock full of carnival rides and an A-list crowd of friends and fellow musicians over the weekend, including Jaden Smith and his wife Hailey Bieber.

As reported by Billboard – Bieber would then have some photos taken of the event and host them on his social media. Many of his friends were easy to spot as well as none other than Billie Eilish who was seen in a backwards blue baseball hat, grey sweatshirt and baggy blue tie-dye cargo pants.

Leon Bridges was also at the gig as he was seen performing with a band. What’s more is that, at one point, Just Bieber would be sitting in on the drums. As many know, Justin is a really great drummer and drums have always been something that he just loves to do.

Justin was also seen hanging with rapper Don Toliver and wife Hailey Bieber, even though she has been under a ton of scrutiny lately for the vile things that she has said about Selena Gomez. A few days earlier model Hailey Bieber posted a sweet tribute to her husband, “29 never looked so good ☺️Happy Birthday to you best friend!” she wrote. “Words couldn’t possibly sum up all that you embody. So here’s to more joy, more travel, yummy food, adventures, more peace, fun, and most of all more love.”