Foo Fighters React To Embarrassing Bohemian Rhapsody Screw Up


In a recent KLOS interview with Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, the Foos reacted to an embarrassing mistake when the KLOS host was discussing Freddie Mercury and the new Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

The DJ accidentally called Freddie Mercury by the wrong name, Eddie Mercury, when asking about another potential film.

Dave Grohl quipped, “I like Eddie Mercury. Like as if Eddie Murphy played Freddie Mercury.”

Taylor Hawkins added, “Adam Mercury.”

Foo Fighters recently reviewed footage of Rami Malek recreating Queen’s Live Aid performance in the biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, and they were very excited about it (via Radio X).

Drummer Taylor Hawkins is a huge fan of Queen and knows the Live Aid footage off by heart: “I based my entire career off it!” he jokes.

Watching the clip, Grohl gasps: “He does the run! That’s amazing!”

“This is gonna be so frickin’ weird, man,” adds Taylor, joking that he’s the ultimate Queen nerd: “I’m gonna be looking at that and saying ‘Well, he didn’t have those cymbals at Live Aid!’”

The Cribs opened for Foo Fighters at their Manchester stadium show earlier this year, and Dave Grohl trolled them over who “ripped off Freddie Mercury best.” The Wakefield trio were one of the support acts at the Etihad Stadium last night, alongside Wolf Alice.

Midway through Foo Fighters’ set, the band covered Queen‘s ‘Under Pressure’ with drummer Taylor Hawkins leading the crowd in a call and response warm-up. “Here’s the thing,” Grohl told the audience at one point. “The Cribs might have done that, but they didn’t do it in a bathing suit, and that’s all that fucking matters.”

“Any motherfucker who has the nuts to come up here and do fucking Queen’s vocal warm-up from Live Aid wins the fucking trophy. That’s the way I see it. That shit’s solid gold.”

The Cribs, who have also covered the classic Queen track in the past, shared a video of the moment on their Twitter page, which you can watch below. “Getting trolled by Dave G about who ripped off Freddie best!” they captioned the post. “Classic! Seriously though, nicest guys in rock @foofighters.”