Roger Waters Reveals Massive ‘Farewell’ Tour


Roger Waters, the legendary co-founder of Pink Floyd was interviewed by Canada based outlet The Star to discuss a myriad of topics. Here, Waters was asked what new projects he has on the horizon. Waters said he is in talks for a final arena tour. Pink Floyd revealed this heartbreaking Roger Waters alcohol photo.

“But also I’m right on the cusp now of making the final decision of whether I will go on the road next summer in the United States and Canada and Mexico City, just because I love it there so much. So I may go on the road and do forty gigs next summer, which will mean if I do that I’ll be working 24 hours a day from now until the first gig just to try and get it together.”

Waters was also asked if he can still relate to the young incarnation of himself the originally wrote ‘The Wall’ and how he wants the song itself to become a soundtrack for a ‘dystopian nightmare.’

“Yeah. Not that I sit down every Saturday night and listen to “The Wall.” I don’t. But listen, at the moment, if you really wanna know, I’ll tell you what I’m doing today: I’ve figured out that if I do go on the road next year it’ll probably be the last time I do arenas because I’m 76 years old now and it’s not easy doing it — though I am fit, thank goodness and whatever — and I feel an obligation to do some of my best-known songs from the past. And one of those songs, I suspect, will be ‘Comfortably Numb.'”

In other news, fans of Pink Floyd debated the legacy of the group’s 1983 studio album ‘The Final Cut’ in a recent topic within the band’s subreddit. This Pink Floyd icon revealed how he was brutally turned down by a secretary.

Docster87 said: [There are] two or three good songs but the album as a whole is just too mellow. No Rick [Wright]. It is one of my least played Floyd albums. Yes, I play the studio ‘Ummagumma’, More, and even ‘Collection of Great Dance Songs’ way more often than ‘Final Cut.’ I’m not saying it is a terrible album, just not my cup of tea. Too mellow, other than ‘Not Now John.’

HelsifZhu penned: “I don’t, hehe. It’s even possible that I like it more than The Wall, if only because it’s more concise and coherent. I think Roger’s use of leidmotive on it is incredibly underrated if ever noticed. I have gripes with it, sure, but I really like it overall.” Roger Waters made a new ridiculous money demand.

You can read the full Roger Waters interview at The Star.