Watch Dave Grohl React To Bizarre Gift From Stalker


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently reacted to receiving a strange Taylor Hawkins photo onstage. He sarcastically called the person who gave him it a stalker, and wondered if they somehow had access to his studio, as the same photo is hanging in there.

“[You] know what he looks like, can I have this? I’m gonna go home put it over my bed is what I’m gonna do. What’s the other side say? Oh wow man, you’re a stalker? I don’t know. Here’s the thing, and this is too stupid to explain, this thing right here is hanging in our studio at home, just like this, so I don’t know if you like creeped in while we were sleeping or shit, that’s cool. You took that picture? No you didn’t. Then why I am I wasting 17,000 people’s time with this shit? But you’re saying I can keep it?”

Watch the hilarious video below.

10-year-old Collier Rule covered Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” onstage with Foo Fighters a week ago in Kansas City, and he’s using his viral fame to help out a friend in need, launching a GoFundMe for a friend with a rare disease.

“My friend Bo has a rare disease. He has:
Type 1 diabetes
Growth Hormone Deficient (he produces none and his mom has to give him a shot daily)
IGG deficiency (gets IVIG every other week)
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chronic Lung Disease
Chronic Diarrhea
Granulomas on his liver and lungs
The National Institute of Heath named the disease after Bo. Which means it’s very rare, and there is no treatment, there is no fix, no miracle.

Please help me to raise funds to help his family with all of his ongoing medical needs.
We can do this!!! #rocknrollcansavetheday.”

The campaign has already raised over $14,000 out of its $20,000 goal.