Dave Grohl Reacts To Awful Tool Announcement


Foo Fighters played at the Epicenter Festival in North Carolina last weekend, but sadly the Tool performance was canceled due to severe weather. Justin Beckner revealed what Dave Grohl had to say about the awful Tool news in a new Ultimate-Guitar review.

While not getting to experience Tool remained the main subject of discontent among patrons, it wasn’t their only gripe. The festival experienced some significant fan backlash over traffic issues, security concerns, and accommodations in the camping areas. I was camped there for the entire weekend and I can attest to some of those issues but I’d rather focus on the music.

The big news was the weather which was out of anyone’s control. Fortunately, Dave Grohl and his gang of Foo Fighters played for around two and a half hours on Day Three to close out the festival after weather brought Day Two to a premature end. In case you’re wondering, no they did not cover any Tool songs although it was discussed. Dave plainly told the crowd, with a grin, “We won’t be playing any Tool songs. We’re not that good”. Dave also dedicated the song “My Hero” to his mother because, well, it was Mother’s Day.

Danny Wimmer Promotions have sent out a new email to Tool fans who are still furious after severe weather canceled the band’s performance at the Epicenter Festival in North Carolina last weekend.

“Epicenter Update: Thanks for your patience. We hear you, we care, and we know you’re wanting an answer. We’re currently working with our insurance and ticketing companies to have updated refund information to you by the end of the week. Thanks again, DWP.”