Van Halen Have Stunning Reaction To Greta Van Fleet


Greta Van Fleet claimed in a Substream Magazine interview that members of Van Halen were sent their music, and they had a surprising reaction.

Occurrences like this are becoming commonplace for the Frankenmuth-based rock band. Though they’re barely old enough to be considered adults, the band—comprised of three Kiszka brothers (Sam, Jacob and Joshua) and drummer Daniel Wagner—has quickly become one of rock and roll’s most sought after groups. At the time of our conversation in early September, the band’s breakout single, “Highway Tune,” had just reached number one on the rock charts both in the United States and Canada.

They were also in the midst of a largely sold out tour, which had been growing increasingly long as demand continued to build. The night we met would go on to be one of the last times the group was booked in a room with a capacity below 500, which the band seemed to recognize during our chat. “There is so much happening right now,” Jacob says. “We are trying really hard to live in the moment each night because we know it may be a while before we are able to have shows like tonight again.”

One cannot help noticing the outpouring of support shown to Greta Van Fleet in recent months from the rock community at large. “It’s hard to keep track of everyone we’ve talked to,” Sam says. “But it has been crazy.” Joshua continues, “I know someone gave our stuff to Van Halen, and apparently they dug it. We also heard through the grapevine that Robert Plant had heard it and was all about it.” He trails off for a second with a grin on his face, as if learning of this news for the first time himself, before returning to the conversation with an impressively nonchalant, “So that’s cool.”