Dave Grohl Reacts To Fans Mobbing Him For Autographs At Market


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently cooked BBQ at the Valley Urban Market, and he was mobbed by fans wanting autographs. Grohl was Good Guy Dave as usual, being nice to every one of them, as you can see below.

Uproxx reported a couple of weeks ago regarding Grohl cooking at the Valley Urban Market:

“So, how good is Grohl at smoking pork? Well, let’s just say that if he’d decided to leave music behind and become a Carolina pitmaster, he’d have a solid name for himself by now. Once it came out of the smoker, Grohl’s pulled pork was being dished up by chef Billy Terrell, out of his much-lauded The Beached Pig food truck. The soft, salty, and fatty pork is so delicate you barely need to chew. Chef Terrell piles it on a pillowy, slightly sweet white bun with a sharp barbecue sauce, a little bit of red onion, funky pickle, and a svelte slaw finish it off. All together and it’s one fine pulled pork sandwich — nuanced but amazingly succinct. It shouldn’t come as a shock that The Beached Pig had the longest line at the Valley Urban Market’s opening.”

They also wrote, “After my second sandwich, I ask for some protips, but before Grohl can dive in the public is welcomed to the event and his fans start streaming over. Fathers are passing their babies to Grohl for pictures. People come up — one after another — calling Grohl their hero and reminiscing about their first Foo Fighters concerts. A few have tattoos of his face. Grohl, to his credit, is amazingly amiable to every single fan. He takes time, looks them in the eye, listens, poses for photos, shakes hands, and doles out hugs. His patience is astounding and translates to his ability to execute a perfectly smoked piece of meat.”