Josh Homme Enters Studio With Foo Fighters In Photo


Breaking News has now come out of the Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age camp as Dave Grohl and Josh Homme were recently seen in the studio together.

The spotting of these two together can have multiple meanings. In one hand, we do have an upcoming show for the Foo Fighters via the Taylor Hawkins memorial show. Josh Homme will surely be at this. A true conspiracy arises, however, when we pull back the curtain a bit.

This meeting of the minds can very well mean that either the Foo Fighters will be teaming with Josh for upcoming work of their own or Queens Of The Stone Age will be doing some work for their own possible upcoming album with Dave Grohl.

Queens Of The Stone Age have been releasing variants of their classic albums and fans are buying them up. As of this post, the aqua …Like Clockwork variant is completely sold out, but there are still copies available of the clear leaf green version of Villains and the orange variant of the self-titled album.

The band seem to be hinting at something because if you head to the band’s homepage, you’ll see a stylized TV sitting in the desert with a four button menu on the right. If you click the red “Buy” button, you’ll see links for the reissues, but at the bottom there’s a little news scrawl that reads: “BREAKING: QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE ALBUM LAUNCH RUMOURED TO BE ‘IMMINENT.’”

Then if you click the yellow “Tour” button, you’re met with a list of x’ed out tour dates — 15 dates to be exact — with the tickets column filled with “AVAILABLE SOON.” Just as on the previously mentioned screen, there’s a news scrawl that says “BREAKING: WORLDWIDE MANHUNT FOR ROCK BAND QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE.”

Could all of this be leading up to work with Dave Grohl and the surviving Foo Fighters members? Time will tell.

Special thanks to Metal Sucks.

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