Maynard James Keenan Trolls A Perfect Circle Bandmate Onstage


LazyAzMage posted on the A Perfect Circle Reddit a funny photo from a recent show in Phoenix, showing Maynard James Keenan pranking his bandmate Billy Howerdel by giving him bunny ears. LazyAsMage called it a ‘great moment.’ Keenan will soon be releasing a new album with Tool in 2019.

Six7Six7 commented, ” Maynard really doesn’t want to be there.

I think he has one Tool album and tour in him, and then he’s done.

He won’t turn 60 on the road. No way.”

Ice_Kold_Killa commented, “He did it to Matt too. ? People have shared this a few times. Typical Maynard.

When Billy and Maynard played Bohemian Rhapsody at E3 2010 Maynard went behind Billy and started air humping him towards the end.” reported, “A Perfect Circle ended ‘on a high note’ for the last date on the third leg of their headlining North American tour, to the city that frontman Maynard James Keenan thanked for being the ‘marijuana-stinking cherry’ on top. Dark electronic duo Night Club and trip hop artist Tricky supported the band starting from October 20th, leading up to this night at Comerica Theatre. A PerfeBetct Circle delivered a performance that repeatedly went from smoldering to bellowing, and took the transfixed audience on an escape of commiseration through hard rock.”

They also wrote, “The tone of their performance in Phoenix was first set with a dark stage as they invisibly began the instrumentals of the title-track of their latest album, Eat the Elephant. Anyone who has previously experienced A Perfect Circle live may have come to expect a giant white sheet shrouding the stage front leading up to, and remaining through the entirety of, the first song, before dramatically dropping to the floor. However, the sheet was absent this time around.”

A great moment at the Phoenix show from r/aperfectcircle