Dave Grohl Reveals ‘Dark Side’ Of Rock


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed avoiding the ‘dark side of rock and roll’ in a new Forbes interview.

“I think it even goes back before that to the foundation of my musical experience, which was really playing music for the love of playing music and experiencing it in a very organic, natural way. It’s possible to have a positive experience playing music. There, of course, is a dark side of rock and roll that are turned on by, but, to me, I’m more about life and love. And I really enjoy waking up every day knowing that I’m blessed with the opportunity to do whatever the f**k I want to do. If I want to go record some 25-minute long instrumental by myself, then f**k, I’m just gonna do it. If I want to put on a festival with all my friends, why not?”

In an interview with Uproxx, Grohl discussed running the Cal Jam festival.

“Being blessed with the opportunity as a band to share a lot of our musical influences and tastes with the audience is amazing,” Grohl told Uproxx. “We feel very fortunate that we get to do this, and we try to make the most of it. And it’s f*cking fun.”

  • Gregory Marini