Dave Grohl Reveals If He Fears Disease That Could Kill Him


Journalist Garrett K. Woodward has uploaded audio from his new interview with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Grohl discussed possibly taking a 23andMe test to see if he could have a genetic disease in his future that could kill him. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments.

“I was talking about this today with someone about going to see a psychic. We’re doing 23andMe thing to see if we’re predisposed to have-”

Woodward interrupted Grohl, and it’s partially inaudible, but the comment had something to do with how do you know for sure if the psychic knows stuff.

Grohl said, “I have [seen a psychic] before. This is the thing, we were talking about seeing a psychic, or something like doing 23andMe, to see if you’re predisposed to having a disease or condition that you’ll eventually die from. In a way, I’m against that, because I don’t want anything to influence the natural progression, the path and the succession of the time.”

“[I am] the same way musically, it’s kind of fun. When I get up there and we do Eminence Front or No Quarter or something, I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go, up or down, or go back or forward. You just kind of feel it, and so as you’re doing it, it becomes that thing, it’s like a wave.”

“There’s no fear, in a strange way, there’s sort of this relaxed confidence or detachment, where you’re just like, I’m going to let it pull me. It’s like the plastic bag [in American Beauty].”

Other quotes from the interview were published in Rolling Stone.

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