Dave Grohl Reveals If He’d Consider Presidential Run


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and his mother Virginia discussed the possibility of Dave running for a political office like President during a recent bookstore Q&A.

Dave asked his mother, “Are you going to run for office?”

Virginia responded, “(Laughs) No, no. It’s too late for me, I’m sorry.”

Dave pushed, “Come on.”

Virginia suggested, “I think maybe you should.”

Dave sarcastically shrugged. “Yeah. Well, it looks like anyone can do it these days. I’ve got too many skeletons in that closet. Mike Mallory will come back to haunt me.”

Dave had joked earlier that Mallory was his acid dealer when he was younger. Virginia Grohl has stated in many recent interviews that former President Barack Obama is one of her favorite people on the planet.

Dave Grohl discussed his mother on The Late Show last week.

“She’s been on tour more than most rock moms I know,” said Dave. “She’s perfectly comfortable on the road. I give her a laminate, play a gig and come back to the dressing room and she’s having a beer with Green Day.”

Virginia Grohl also told Colbert that she didn’t necessarily think her son was going to be a rock star when he grew up, only that he’d do something in music.

“I knew really early that he was going to be an entertainer,” she said. “I have a feeling that some of you have it in your blood somewhere that you just start being goofy… and silly and making people laugh and that’s what he was.”