Smashing Pumpkins Reveal ‘Machina 3’ Studio Photo


Smashing Pumpkins have shared a photo of Jimmy Chamberlin beginning to track drums for the band’s new album, which is a threequel for Machina and sequel to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Billy Corgan suffered the tragic loss of one of his NWA wrestlers on Instagram. He wrote, “It’s with a heavy heart that I share that my friend and brother in wrestling, Joseph Hudson, has passed away suddenly from an as-yet undiagnosed medical issue.

NWA fans would know him as Jocephus as well as The Question Mark; where thanks to the great fans at GPB Studios in Atlanta, Joseph was able to receive the kind of support in the ring he’d always dreamt of. He is survived by a young son whom he loved dearly, and if anything would pain him about leaving this Earth it would be not being able to be there for his boy. RIP Joseph, love to you and Godspeed.”

WWE’s Wade Barrett commented, “This is terrible to hear. He was a great guy & it was a pleasure to work with him at NWA. RIP Joseph.”

Fox News’ Tyrus wrote, “Anything you or his family needs please don’t hesitate to ask. My deepest condolences.”