Dave Grohl Reveals What Kurt Cobain Would Do In 2021


Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl hosts the latest episode of Medicine At Midnight Radio on Apple Music Hits to celebrate the band’s 10th studio album released last week. Medicine At Midnight Radio includes six hour-long episodes each hosted by a separate band member where they’ll explore their personal inspirations, musical journeys, and reflect on the creative process behind the album. On the fifth episode, Dave discusses what Kurt Cobain would be doing if he were alive in 2021.

Grohl said, “When Nevermind came out, we were still in our van and we were just watching this happen in front of us. The shows were getting bigger. The crowds were getting bigger. The crowds outside of the shows were bigger than the crowds inside the shows. We could see that something was happening, but we really never expected that it would turn out to be as big as it was. I don’t think any of us expected that. Of course, it was an incredibly challenging experience and ultimately one of the greatest heartbreaks of my life that Nirvana isn’t still here today making music.

Whether it would be called Nirvana or something else. It is one of my life’s greatest heartbreaks that Kurt isn’t still here to write more amazing songs because as it’s pretty clear that he was blessed with a gift. I think it’s safe to say that he was the greatest songwriter of our generation. I’m very proud to say that I got to be his drummer and play those songs every night.”

He also discussed punk rock, “I fell head first into the punk rock scene. I kind of put all my classic rock records away and just started listening to these really raw sort of underground garage bands that were making albums on their own. Doing everything on their own. There were no real record companies. It was like bands would work their day jobs enough to get money to go into a local studio, record something, send the tape to a pressing plant. They’d make vinyl, you get the vinyl back, and then you’d have to stuff your own album sleeves and go to the record stores and sell them on consignment. That was kind of how it worked. You did everything yourself and there really wasn’t any career expectation.

It was kind of like, ‘Oh, I’m just doing this because I want to get weird with my friends or I’m just doing this because it’s fun.’ That was the beginning for me and I discovered a lot of amazing bands that nobody really knew about. Underground American punk rock bands that changed the world. Bands like the Bad Brains, and Black flag, and the Dead Kennedys. I mean, the list is so long. There were so many incredible bands. Growing up just outside of Washington, D.C., some of these bands were in my own backyard and I had no idea because it was completely underground.”