Dave Grohl Reveals If Nirvana Really Hated Success


Dave Grohl revealed that there were ‘good times’ when Nirvana became successful, contrary to the narrative that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana hated how Nevermind made them a household name.

Grohl told My Planet Rocks when asked how he reacts when he hears a Nirvana song, “That’s a good question. It’s not something I reflect on constantly. There are times where I’ll be in the car and a Nirvana song will come on, and I’ll not just think of the music, but think of the time and place where it was recorded.

It’s funny, my connection to Nirvana is different than most people in that it was a very personal experience and it was a very emotional experience. So I look back on that music almost like someone would look back on an old photo album, I mean, I remember everything from the last 32 years.

Whenever I think of that time, I usually am reminded of the place I was in emotionally. When we came down to record the [1991] record ‘Nevermind,’ it was like, we were kids. I think I was 21, maybe 22-years-old. We’re in the old van, we drive down to Los Angeles, we got into this old recording studio that just looks like it’s about to fall apart, but we were excited, and there was some sense of mystery or adventure to it.

We knew what we were there to do, but I think we felt really fortunate that we were given that opportunity, like, ‘Oh yeah!’ like someone paid for us to go into a studio in Los Angeles and make an album.

There was an innocence, and we were a bit naive; nobody expected what happened, what was going to happen, and then over time, when Nirvana first started getting popular, there were some really good times. And I look back on those like, ‘I bought a motorcycle,’ that kind of thing, like, I met a beautiful girl, I took my mother out to dinner – things like that.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Grohl’s remarks.