Dave Grohl Reveals Thoughts On Nirvana Reunion Shows: ‘Could We Do That Again?’


Dave Grohl discussed the possibility of more Nirvana reunion performances in a new The Times article.

“In this job, I’ve been lucky to meet some of my heroes, such as Paul McCartney, who is now a friend. It’s great when he comes over. The kids get that he’s a Beatle, but not really. So their interaction is beautiful because they’re not trying to act cool. There have been a few seminal gigs over the years. Glastonbury this year was up there.

Another was when Nirvana made the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. I got together with my old bandmates, Krist [Novoselic] and Pat [Smear, now with Foo Fighters], and guests including Joan Jett and Lorde, and we played those songs again — it sounded just like it did, but of course with one thing missing. We hadn’t played a Nirvana set since Kurt died. Could we do that again? I don’t know.”

He also discussed cooking, “I did a lot of cooking while we were making the new [Foo Fighters] record. I specialise in slow-cook barbecue. My day was spent checking the temperature of the beef brisket, then running in and doing a vocal or a guitar track, checking the temperature again, getting the cornbread ready and making sauce. There’s something to be said for recording studios that smell like your mother’s Sunday roast — it puts everyone at ease.”