Slash Reveals Why ‘It’s Hard’ To ‘Recapture’ What Guns N’ Roses Had ‘With Just Original Members’


Joe Bosso has shared a new interview with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash on Music Aficionado.

West: It’s always the best when it’s the guys just jamming together. We didn’t have that in Mountain.

Slash: Yeah, that’s the way it starts out, with just the original members in a room doing it. It’s hard to recapture that innocence as you start to become successful. You have people coming in from all over the place; they have ideas for the music or the show. It’s inevitable. You don’t know who it’s going to be, but it’s going to be somebody. You have to fight and claw to keep the integrity. A lot of the time you try to go along with stuff, but your gut is telling you this isn’t right.

West: Well, you had the talent and the drive, and you had the songs. And what made it work was, you were a great fucking group.

Slash: When it was firing on all cylinders, I like to consider it a great rock ‘n’ roll group on its own merit. It wasn’t because of gimmicks. Obviously, it was highly volatile. Now that we’re back together, without getting too much into it, we’re able to talk about it and identify people who got in the way. It’s great to be past all that without having to listen to anybody’s input—not managers, not business people. We just do what we’re good at, and it’s nice that it’s been well received.