Dave Grohl Reveals What Kurt Cobain Spent Insane Money On


Dave Grohl discussed Kurt Cobain bringing Nirvana to an expensive steak restaurant for the specific reason of spending a lot of money in a new GQ interview.

It happened on Nirvana’s last trip to South America in 1993, where, while drumming, Grohl bit down so hard on his tongue it looked like “a freshly sliced slab of rare sirloin” for days afterwards and how on the very same trip he, Cobain and bass player Krist Novoselic went to “the most expensive steak joint we could find just to spend the record company’s money”. Cobain, a vegetarian, was a little horrified at the way his bandmates could choose which cow their meal came from with the help of colour photographs.

Grohl also spoke of how he once used his time on a long-haul flight to try to learn Dutch, with the help of an audio programme he found at the dusty end of the in-flight entertainment system. On another flight there was also a close encounter with Cate Blanchett (he’s spent a lot of time airborne one way or the other these past three decades) and gazing at her ethereal beauty felt like putting his head in the mouth of a unicorn, a sensation quickly spoilt, however, when he spotted the actress later on with a Korean face sheet applied, thus resembling “Anthony Hopkins from The Silence Of The Lambs. But, you know, still really pretty.”