Dave Grohl Runs Into Fan At Ralphs: ‘I Think I’m Having A Heart Attack’


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently ran into a fan at Ralphs, and it’s yet another Good Guy Grohl story! The fan cried out of happiness after meeting Grohl, and felt like she was having a heart attack from excitement!

odditylove posted, “I look like total shit and I think I’m having a heart attack but I just met the holy mecca at my Ralph’s. God bless you ventura blvd #ialmostcollapsed #davegrohl #foofighters #icon #nirvana #theregoesmyhero I haven’t even left the parking lot. Just in my car listening to foo fighters with tears in my eyes #hesbetterthanxanax #davegrohlcuresanxiety.”

A recent Beat Route Foo Fighters Vancouver review praised Dave Grohl, stating, “Dave Grohl ran onto the stage strumming his axe like a wildman who has been let loose from his cage before the Foo Fighters began the night with their One By One hit, ‘All My Life’ in front of the jam-packed sold-out crowd. Grohl made a point to tell everyone that they were in for a long night of rock and roll, and that it was. It was astonishing to see how the frontman took control of the crowd.

It was a three hour night full of classic hits, new tunes, on-the-fly jams, comedic moments, and totally unexpected covers. Not to mention the LSD worthy psychedelic visuals that covered the backend of the stage-drop.