Tool Guitarist Reveals Cryptic Message: ‘WWTND’


Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently shared a cryptic video where he shows ‘WWTND’ written on his arm. This led to speculation from Tool fans on their Reddit, as Jones has been recording his guitar parts for Tool’s new album, with Maynard James Keenan then set to record his vocals to complete the record for a projected 2019 release.

Johnnyoz posted:

What would Tool never do.

shane1333 posted:

Release an album?

Katechon666 posted:

Ι hope “release a new album” is not the answer to that

snakebehindmehisses posted:

This. But who knows what the answer is. Hopefully something that’s surprising in a positive way for us haha

fredo96993 posted:

A ballad? Release an album as anything less than the full experience? Make a concert film?

B-Tron88 posted:

Work with Tool now done… bit of a stretch haha

DingDongWhoDis☆☆☆ posted:

World War Three in North Dakota

Terrible news.

SharkTRS posted:

fire a bullet perfectly straight in North Dakota and you’ll end up shooting yourself

dylannichols posted:

What would Ted Nugent do?

dylannichols posted:

Ok, so I just looked on Instagram and someone said exactly this. Adam replied: ?

munchieswolf1 posted:

So they’re including their cover of Stranglehold on Salival II.

joazinch posted:

As an European all I can read here is “World Wide Tour November-December ” !

Watch the full video below from Adam Jones’ Instagram page.


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~ Exactly ??

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