Dave Grohl Spotted With Taylor Hawkins Widow In Photo


It’s been a very sad month for both Foo Fighters fans and the band themselves since the passing of the legendary drummer, Taylor Hawkins. Many new findings have been noted in the Taylor Hawkins case which saw him passing away last month during a tour with the Foo Fighters.

As with the passing of Taylor Hawkins, the band has put off any shows for the foreseeable future. For festivals that were booked previous to any inclination of the tragedy; other bands have taken the spot of the Foo Fighters. One band that had taken a spot for the Foo Fighters are the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been paying homage to the late drummer with his name and a hawk on the bass drum of Chad Smith. Chad gave a bit of a speech before the Red Hot Chili peppers performed their set which took the place of the Foo Fighters set at Jazz Fest.

In the speech that was posted on a Foo Fighters fan page via Instagram, Chad stated that the (surviving) Foo Fighters members were “in the back” as was the family of Taylor Hawkins. Fans who were there said that the Red Hot Chili Peppers put on a great show with some more homages paid to Taylor through the night.

Taylor Hawkins was a staple and very well respected in the rock world and the world of music in general. His passing has hit home with many who have also suffered from drug addiction. In continuing to move forward, the Foo Fighters and any individual members have not yet let out any statements or made any appearances in the public eye as they stayed backstage at Jazz Fest.

We will continue to give the Foo Fighters their time and we await their return. You can see Dave Grohl with Taylor Hawkins’ widow in a photo below.

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