Dave Grohl Spotted With Taylor Hawkins Widow


Dave Grohl was recently seen spending some time away from the spotlight and in a nice pub with friends and those close to him. As we see in the photo of Dave taken by fans, he is with Taylor Hawkins widow, Alison, who can be seen at the table where Dave was, seemingly to catch up and possibly discuss the upcoming Foo Fighters tour.

The news of this comes as Dave Grohl is proving once again why he is still known as the ‘nicest guy’ in music. Recently, Dave gave back to the community as he was putting his BBQ skills to work to feed the less fortunate.

Dave showed up at The Hope Mission in Los Angeles around midnight Wednesday with some overnight gear and a massive meat smoker. Dave would then, for the next 16 hours – smoke meat, cook, and plate dishes for those who need it most.

Between all of the cooking, Dave would sleep in the parking lot in order to be there to watch the meat and make sure that everything went well. It was said by those around the star that he was incredibly kind and wanted to make sure that those that needed to be fed, were indeed fed.