AC/DC ‘Fire’ Singer Before 2020 Tour Announcement


AC/DC were offered a petition to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2021 by Dee Snider, who also confirmed that the band will release a new album and tour, with Brian Johnson and Angus Young reunited, with Johnson replacing Axl Rose. Jimmy Page brutally disrespecting an AC/DC member was just revealed.

Snider said, “How do we start a petition for @acdc to perform at next year’s Superbowl?! Everyone loves that band! They are soon to be releasing a new album and touring! @NFL.”

A fan had previously told him that the Super Bowl producers look for new pop acts, and that AC/DC are not relavent to younger audiences. Snider shot back, “I get that…but AC/DC is one of the biggest selling artists in history, have tons of hits, and cross-over appeal. I mean, who doesn’t love @acdc?!”

Eddie Trunk had said, “The @SuperBowl halftime show made for a hell of an exercise / aerobics instructional video, but as far as musical performances go maybe the worst halftime show ever. Bravo @NFL .. you had @gunsnroses in FL but that’s what you chose to put on?! Ridiculous..!” Snyder also said, “I’ll let the reviews of this halftime show speak for themselves. @NFL.”

A fan named Billy told Snider about AC/DC potentially playing at the Super Bowl, “Angus Young shows even more skin than Shakira and JLO. Probably not a good idea for American families.” Deuce said, “I’d prefer KISS as they wrap up their End Of The Road tour. They would absolutely destroy a half time show.”

Snider later wrote, “AGAIN…angus, Brian, Cliff and Phil have reunited for a new album and tour with nephew Stevie Young taking over for Malcolm. Is that good enough for you.”

Charlie wrote to Dee, “I’m a rock/metal guy, but it’s never going to happen folks. Halftime show will always be a pop performer who TENS of millions recognize. No rock/metal acts meet that criteria; that includes AC/DC, Metallica and Guns ‘N Roses. #wishfulthinking.” An AC/DC icon revealed big name Angus Young ‘replacement’ news a few days ago.