Dave Grohl Stunned By Disgusting Money Revelation


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently revealed how public school teachers are paid a disgustingly low amount of money, claiming he made more in one night at a show than his mother made in 35 years of being a teacher. Dave Grohl recently revealed why he was owed money by his Foo Fighters bandmates.

Grohl told Kerrang, “I’m looking at my mother on the side of the stage knowing that tonight my band is getting paid more than she ever got paid in her 35 years of being a public school teacher, where she worked 70 hours a week.

She’s a fucking saint, she’s a fucking soldier, and I’m looking at her at the side of the stage thinking, ‘Oh my God, all I have to do is scream into my microphone for a fucking hour and 45 minutes.’

It’s that kind of shit where I’m like, ‘This is just insane. This doesn’t make any fucking sense to me at all.’ I’ll take it, I’m not complaining, but really there have been these moments where I just cannot believe it. I know I sold my soul to the Devil, I hope just he waits a while before he takes it!”

Dave Grohl discussed Foo Fighters having massive success as a live act commercially during a recent live conversation, but he made a sad album sales revelation.

“A lot’s changed in music. A lot’s changed in the industry. The one thing that I don’t think has changed and you will I’m sure agree, when you were twenty years old in Canada and loved going to see live music was the excitement of seeing live music. People on stage. That will never go away. We don’t sell a tenth of the records we did twenty years ago. But we fucking sell out stadiums and a lot of places.”

An embarrassing Dave Grohl Kiss photo was recently revealed by a famous rocker.