Tool Member Savagely Disrespected At Huge Show


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has shared a rare video from his proposal to his wife Korin at a WWE PPV event, where he said he asked a fan to film the proposal, but in disrespecting fashion he filmed the ring instead. Tool have been in the news recently, as Maynard James Keenan announced the new Tool album release date is August 30th.

Jones wrote, “Ok … One more for our 6th Wedding Anniversary ~ My footage of ‘’The #Proposal ‘’ live at #WWE ‘s #RoyalRumble in front of 20,000 crazy wrestling fans. 💕 @korinfaught had NO IDEA 💕 – I told the guy next to me about the upcoming surprise & asked him if he would film it for me with my camera… I guess I shoulda been more specific * 😅 Nobody knew it was a go til 3m before they went live. Huge Thanx to Terry & Tess @tripleh & @stephaniemcmahon & #VinceMcMahon 😘💪🏽”

WWE’s head honchos are fans of Tool, and Dave Matthews Band recently revealed what they really think about Tool.

While most fans are excited about the new Tool album, one fan named Viennaerikm wrote on Reddit, “I honestly feel like some of you fans are setting yourself up for disappointment…. This is not going to be the album that changes the world and is going to blow their other albums out of the water. The way some of you talk about this album is a little to much.

These guys are still great and still have it yes very much so. But they are all around 50 years old Danny being 60 if I remember correctly they are getting old. Maynard’s voice is not the same etc.. the last album was arguably their worst release and that was 13 years ago. And judging by the new songs they are good songs but neither track at the end of the day is a top tier tool track. Go in fresh on this one don’t expect anything out of it.

I’m sure it will be a solid album but stop with the overhype. I honestly feel like some of you are thinking that the fact it took this long to be released means it’s going to be their ‘best’ release. But that’s not necessarily the case. Be excited that’s it’s here and be hopeful that you like it as much as you wished, just don’t set yourself up for disappointment.”