Dave Grohl Won’t Talk About Taylor Hawkins Tragedy


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl will not be doing any interviews to promote “But Here We Are,” the band’s tribute album to Taylor Hawkins and Virginia Grohl. The Australian reported:

“Most major music releases these days are sent to trusted media outlets via the thoroughly unsexy but efficient method of secure digital streaming platforms. Not this one, though. The Australian has heard an exclusive preview of the new album, held by the band’s record label Sony as an old-school listening session.

Apparently at Grohl’s insistence, we were handed lyric sheets to study while its 10 songs were played loud and clear. We weren’t allowed to take any notes on what we heard while the music played, and in another unusual step, we are told 54-year-old Grohl is doing zero interviews around its release, instead preferring to let the songs speak for themselves.

Our initial impressions? It’s an undeniably strong collection, and easily the most affecting and effective set of songs that the band has issued since its initial run of albums in the 1990s. Much of the lyrical content appears to centre on Grohl’s grief for his departed friend, with penultimate track The Teacher impressing through its dynamic and emotional range across 10 minutes, in a suite that brought to mind some of Led Zeppelin’s most intricate arrangements.”