Nirvana Appear To Confirm Reunion With New Singer: ‘See You Soon’


Foo Fighters have made a new post that gives the strongest indication yet that Nirvana will reunite with John McCauley on vocals/guitar this weekend after already hinting in previous posts about McCauley and Joan Jett.

“Hey @johnjmccauley ! See you soon!
@deertickmusic @kristnovoselic #PatSmear

McCauley discussed his performance at Saint Vitus in 2014 with Nirvana in a Rolling Stone interview.

Was there any rehearsal?

Yeah, I went by their rehearsal space in midtown. We ran through a few songs and it was pretty funny. I’m the one guy nobody knew. Nobody had ever met before. When I walked in, they were running over their set with J Mascis. Their whole crew is there and stuff and I’m in the corner not really talking to anybody or anything. Krist is like, “Oh, I was wondering who that weird guy in the corner was.” I was a ball of nerves when I walked in there. I knew I could play the songs and sing fine. It was just, ‘How do I talk to these guys?’. But they were super sweet guys.

What were they playing when you walked in?

I heard “Drain You.” It was cool. When i walked into Hibson Studios, which I guess used to be the Hit Factory, I rang the buzzer and somebody let me in. He said, “Where you going?” I said “Studio Six.”

“What band?”

“Uh, Nirvana.” It felt weird leaving my mouth. It was awesome.

What is it like to play onstage with Krist and Dave and Pat?

It felt like when you’re a kid and you sleep over at a friend’s house and you become part of your friend’s family for the night. Even though they haven’t been a band in 20 years, they felt just like a band to me. When I got up onstage, it was a lull, because we were trying to figure out what song to do next and there was just feedback and us yelling at each other and Dave was like, “Wow this is like a real Nirvana show!” And my band has had a million moments like that onstage. I guess our bands are just of a similar breed, I guess [laughs].