Stone Temple Pilots Reveals Why Their New Singer ‘Fits The Bill’


Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo and bassist Robert DeLeo discussed the band’s new singer on Trunk Nation earlier this week.

“I think we have somebody that fits the bill,” Dean said. “We’ve been very busy.”

Dean added that “there was a lot of criteria to fulfill” before STP could feel confident enough in officially enlisting a new vocalist. “And it was no overnight decision by any means,” he said. “We were, first and foremost, patient at times.”

Asked if they are already working on new music with the STP’s new singer, Robert said: “Yes. Like Dean said, there’s a lot of criteria here; there’s many steps. And it’s not the kind of thing where we’re trying to replace… You can’t replace Scott Weiland — you just can’t — but there’s things that naturally have to be there: songwriting, can he sing? Performing… all these things. It takes a while; you can’t just make a decision like that.”

“It’s a lot to ask of someone to be able to respect the catalog vocally and move forward with new material — it’s a lot to ask of someone.”

“And also, is this a person that we want around our kids?” Dean added. “Is this a person that wants to be around me? [Laughs] That’s why it’s taking so long.”

“We’re pretty excited. We feel like we’re sitting on the goose that lays the golden egg, man.”

Pressed about whether their hesitation to make an announcement about STP’s new lead singer was due to the fact that they are still trying to make sure he is the right guy for the job, Dean responded: “No. It’s just a timing thing.”

A source recently told Alternative Nation that Pete Murray is a candidate STP have really liked. Jeff Gutt, John Borja, Jesse Keeler, and J. Lynn Johnston have also tried out.